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 a unique and inspiring coaching service that can truly transform your life!

Do you want to learn from a couple who have overcome loss, homelessness, and trauma with the power of love, compassion, and teamwork? If yes, then you need to meet us, Aaron and Jennifer -the dynamic duo behind Two Crabs-One Shell.

We offer coaching services and guidance based on our lived experience and higher education.

We will help you discover your purpose, heal your wounds, manifest your desires, and connect with your higher self.

Ready to be all you are to be?

Meet The Dynamic Duo!

Aaron and Jennifer (Jen) are not your ordinary coaches. They are a power couple who have been together for twenty years, sharing their passion for nature, music, healing, art, food, and spirituality. They have also faced many challenges in their lives, such as living in their car, health issues, and financial struggles. But they never gave up on their dreams or each other. They used their talents and skills to create a better future for themselves, and are now sharing those skills with you.

Aaron is a multi-talented individual with a 25-year career in performing arts. He is an accomplished chef, and a passionate fitness/nutrition coach. His dedication for healing through music and the arts, combined with his culinary experiences, and nutrition knowledge makes him an excellent mentor. He has written a memoir about his journey, from a life changing accident to recovery, called "If You Believe: a memoir to inspire healing." Aaron also writes music which he shares on his online radio station, and helps people achieve their life goals in his spare time.

Jen is a retired teacher and educator of 25 years, a children's yoga instructor, and book illustrator.  She is now following her passion for digital art, bringing a nurturing and holistic approach to her work. Her passion for spiritual awareness shines through in her creations.

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In addition to their professional qualifications, they both hold diplomas in Community Support Work and have completed several suicide awareness/prevention certificates.

Aaron and Jennifer’s lived experiences with homelessness have given them unique insights into the challenges faced by others. They offer coaching services and guidance based on their personal experiences.


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If you are seeking support, guidance, referrals, or inspiration, we are here to help you on your journey. Reach out to us today for a transformative experience.