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The Orb Art - Collection, is a website dedicated to the amazing phenomenon of spirit orbs. Our goal is to share our passion and knowledge with you, and to offer you the opportunity to view our orb collection for healing, meditation, and inspiration.


We share our spirit orbs and because we believe they have a positive and healing impact on ourselves and others.

The orbs are a source of light, love, and wisdom and can help us connect with our higher selves, guides, and loved ones.

The orbs are a form of art, beauty, and expression, and they can inspire us to be more creative, joyful, and authentic.

The orbs are a gift, a blessing, and a miracle, and they can remind us to be more grateful, humble, and awe-struck by life.


Meet Aaron and Jennifer: The Spirit Orb Photographers
Aaron and Jennifer are a couple who share a passion for photography and spirituality. They have been capturing images of spirit orbs for over a decade, travelling to different locations, and exploring the mysterious phenomena of these light balls.

We are happy to have been one of many chosen to continue this conversation; what are they?


What are Spirit Orbs?
Spirit orbs are believed to be manifestations of spiritual energy, often associated with ghosts, angels, or other entities. They appear as circular or spherical shapes of light, usually white, but sometimes with different colors and patterns. They are most commonly seen in photos or videos taken in dark or low-light settings, especially in places that are considered haunted or sacred.

Some people think spirit orbs are reflections of dust, moisture, or insects, but Aaron and Jennifer disagree. They have witnessed orbs with their own eyes and have felt their presence and influence. Like many others, they have also noticed that the orbs vary in size, shape, color, and meaning - even depending upon the photographers' location, time, and intention. And it is tough to believe that dust particles can have distinct faces.

So, the research continues, and this is the contribution they would like to make.


How Aaron and Jennifer Capture Spirit Orbs
Aaron and Jennifer[AJ] use a variety of cameras to capture spirit orbs in their photos. An excellent course offered by The Sisters of Earth and Sky, Jennifer Hunt and Natalie Schubert, called the Science & Spirit of Energy & Orbs, photographing energy. In tandem, they both go into great detail about capturing or avoiding catching energy orbs of light. We had a great time, and so will you!

“Our takeaway from experience, class, and studies before can be summarized by saying, “it all begins when you point the lens.”

Although they prefer to shoot at night, when the orbs are more visible and active, we find that “they are always surrounding around you .”A digital or 35mm camera, a good flash, the correct flash settings, an open heart, and good intentions.


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They also pay attention to the environment, the weather, planetary movements, the moon phase, and the energy of the place. They also meditate, pray, or attempt to communicate with the orbs before, during, and after the photo session; it helps to raise your energetic vibrations. They believe that the orbs are sentient and responsive and that they can interact with them through their thoughts, feelings, and intentions. In fact, they’ve dedicated the past ten years to writing and documenting their new findings, photos, and messages.

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We invite you to explore our website, and browse our gallery. We hope that you will enjoy our spirit orbs and that they will touch your heart and soul.

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