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Jennifer and Aaron have always been fascinated by the paranormal. They have made it a unique hobby: spirit orb photography. They believe that orbs are manifestations of heavenly energy and that each orb has its personality and essence. They have an orb collection of over 2500 photographs taken from different locations worldwide.


Jennifer, an artist, was especially intrigued by the magical colours of the orbs. She wondered what they represented and how they could affect the mood and emotions of the viewer. She decided to experiment with extracting the colour palettes of the orb photographs using an art software program. She was amazed to discover that no two orb photographs had the same colour combination. Each orb had its own unique color imprint, like a fingerprint. She knew this meant that each orb had its own energy and identity.

She decided to use the orb colour palettes as inspiration for new art. She started creating  digital art based on the orb colours. She found that each orb colour palette had a different effect on her and that she could express other emotions and messages through her art. She felt a connection with the orbs and believed that they were guiding her creativity to a higher level. Aaron, her partner, was also an artist, and he joined her in her project. They were both so impressed by the beauty and diversity of the orb colours that they wanted to share them with others. They created an online art gallery to display their orb art collection and sell magical prints and merchandise. They thought their art could help people heal, meditate, and connect with their guides. They created a website called Orb Art on Fine Art America, where they could showcase their work and reach a wider audience. Introducing. Orb ART!

Orb art is more than just beautiful and colourful - it is also a way to connect with the spirit world and to receive healing and inspiration. Whether you believe in spirit orbs or not, you can enjoy orb art as a form of art and expression and as a source of wonder and joy from out of this world.  

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